YEAR 8 : The textbook we use is EXPO 1. In Year 8 we will cover Units 1-5.

Map of France

map of france.jpg

This is a list of the numbers 1-100. You could print it out for your notebook. At the bottom of the document, there is a link to the BBC Primary Languages website which has interactive exercises on the numbers 1-100 (with sound to help pronunciation)
Fun interactive activities to practice numbers
Numbers 1-60 Quizlet Flashcards to practice the numbers 1-60

A powerpoint presentation (with interactive links) of all the vocabulary covered in Unit 1 of Tricolore Total.

Unit 2: Powerpoint (with links to interactive websites) to introduce classroom objects vocabulary.
Unit 2: Vocabulary to describe where you live.

Unit 3: Family vocabulary
A powerpoint presentation on the topic of family. You can use this to help with revision.

A powerpoint of the Months of the Year.
Unit 3 : House vocabulary: A powerpoint presentation on the rooms in the house.

Pronunciation of the rooms in the house

Link on the link below for fun ways to practice the rooms in the house and furniture. Includes the story "Les trois petits cochons" (The three little pigs)

Unité 4 : Les Animaux

Click on this link to find out all about different animals in French (with audio)

A powerpoint to introduce animals.

A list of pet vocabulary.

A worksheet on colours as adjectives.

A reminder about French nouns and how to make adjectives agree.

A powerpoint of the subject pronouns and être- to be. (NB. A really important verb!)

Online exercises -

This is a link to where you will find lots of interactive exercises which link closely with the KS3 French course at St.Malachy's.

This is a list of all the Oral Questions covered in Year 8.

Click on this link for interactive games on many topics, including CLOTHES Vocabulary Games
BBC Primary Languages Interactive activities on many topics including CLOTHES

Use this template to create your Wanted Poster.